Sew Sweet Academy Blog What is the Stitch-A-Thon?

What is the Stitch-A-Thon?


What is the Stitch-a-thon?

I created the Sew Sweet Academy 3 years ago so that aspiring embroiderers could learn everything and more about machine embroidery in a one-stop, intimate environment. I wanted students to have access to me anytime they had questions, as well as the support of each other through the process. I am proud of the Academy, and the students in it. Some have been a part of it for over 3 years, while others are new, and together we have created a supportive community. 

That being said, some people are not in a place where they can make the full commitment to the Academy yet, or they just don't know enough about it to feel comfortable taking the plunge, which I completely understand! 

In the Stitch-a-thon we cover a little bit of everything, from setting up your space, to stitching on towels, to making patches and more! It's kind of like having each unit of the full Academy condensed down to one day each. By the end of the 5 days, my goal is for students to be confident with the direction they want to take their embroidery. Do they want to start a business that focuses on one area, such as stitching logos for teams? Or do they want to focus more on stitching gift items? 

Most of all, in the Stitch-a-Thon, we have a ton of fun. Just look at what some of our newest graduates had to say about the program!

“The 5 Day Stitchathon was a great learning resource!! If you have not attended or have been on the fence about attending. You are truly missing out. Not only is Alexis the best of the best, but the group support is just as great!! I feel like we are all family and are always willing to answer questions to help each other”  -Evette B

“...This past week I decided to participate in the Stitch-a-thon.  We learned so much about stabilizers and just to turn on the machine and to try new things.  Alexis insisted that we get out of our comfort zone.  It was a pleasure working and learning from each other.  The encouragement was awesome.  You Ladies are the bomb and Alexis is an awesome teacher.  Remember “it doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be pretty”!!!”  -JoAnn H

“I don’t know where to start but this past week was awesome. Alexis Galloway is such a great instructor. We learn what stabilizers we should be using for different projects, how to do towels with the knockdown technique, how to do caps on a single needle machine and how to do patches with materials you may already have. I learn not to give up so easily, the more I stitch the more I can be comfortable with my stitch outs and most of all is the family that is in the group.

Thanks, Alexis for all you do”  -Jenny P


“Today this happened!! I really enjoyed the Stitch-a-thon. All five nights were packed with loads of information and fun stitching. I’m looking forward to the next one. You don’t want to miss out either.  Thank you Alexis Galloway for another awesome learning experience.”  -Amelia S


That's why The 5-Day Stitch-a-thon was born. I launched it earlier this year so people could get a sneak peek into what the Academy is about, and learn some valuable new skills along the way. In fact, students in the Academy can join the stitch-a-thon for no extra cost, and many of them are still learning new tools or skills as we go. It really is true that if you are willing, there's always something new to learn! 

Who is it for?

The stitch-a-thon is created for fledgling embroiderers who know they love to stitch but have a lot of questions. 

  • How do I thread my machine? 
  • How do I stitch on a hat...and get the design in the right spot?
  • How do I change the bobbin without it tangling?
  • Why can't I seem to center my design properly?
  • How do I make a sew-on or iron-on patch?
  • What is an in-the-hoop project and how do I make one?

If you have asked any of these questions recently, the Stitch-a-thon is probably the perfect place for you to start with Sew Sweet Embroidery. 

Is there anyone who it isn’t a good fit for?

I truly believe that anyone regardless of experience can learn something from the Stitch-a-thon! Students who are in the Sew Sweet Academy get access to the Stith-a-thon as part of their membership, and I receive great feedback on how much they enjoy the energy and atmosphere of the stitch-a-thon. It's the perfect chance to try something new!  

When is the Stitch-a-thon? 

Because I am an active part of the 5 day event and available for questions through the entire thing, I only host it a few times a year. The fact that it is so hands-on and personalized makes this event really special, and I’d like to keep it that way. 

You can join the waitlist anytime though and be notified as soon as the next one is opening up! In the meantime, join my free Facebook group for tips and support, or check out the resources on my YouTube!  

Will you be the next 5 Day Stitch-a-Thon graduate?


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